About Karyan Daze

Karyan Daze is a Software Development Agency from Berlin.


We started in the spring of 2016, a team of digital natives, enthusiasts for great software, easy-to-use interfaces, with a willingness to learn and work hard. We are defined by what we do, and we did a lot since the spring of 2016.

Our team has built Mobile Apps, Platforms, E-Commerce shops, Websites, all with various technologies and completely different requirements.

Hendrik Vlaanderen

Hendrik has a keen interest and deep knowledge in frontend development, graphic design, wireframes and mockups.

Ahmed Jacob

Ahmed is talented in discovering new technologies and stays updated about the latest trends. He manages the development team and analyzes customer requirements.

Jack Mason
Creative & UI

Jack thrives in creating simple to use interfaces, builds a bridge between technology and the user needs. Besides that, Jack enjoys good music.

We are hiring! If you are a PHP or Swift Developer, write us an application

We are defined by our actions, not our words.